Local Lemon Curd 10 oz Jar Made in Napa Valley California

Curd Lemon Curd (10oz)

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The Lemon Curd is made by hand in small batches, right off the farm, to give our products their unique homemade taste. Each batch is carefully crafted to ensure every jar is the best it can be. Our flavorful products are made with fresh fruit and absolutely no artificial ingredients. We take the utmost pride in these products, and offer our customers a fresh flavorful alternative to an average store bought product.

How to Serve

Serve Lemon Curd on top of freshly baked Iveta Lemon Scones paired with Clotted Cream. Drizzle right on top of Fresh Strawberries, Layer in between Fresh Baked Cakes or add to buttercream for a decadent dessert.


Eggs, sugar, water, butter (contains milk), lemon, tapioca starch and sulfiting agent (for color retention). Refrigerate after opening.

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